Here is a list of projects we can mention now, arranged in reverse chronological order:

Project Key Elements Unique Selling Proposition
Ruxum Fall detection, panic alert in wearable device accompanied by smartphone applications and cloud-based emergency response management uses AI/ML to fine-tune to each user Emergency support for seniors in India/Latin America
Medwatch Patents assessment, medical-grade PPG-based measurements, ECG analysis, anamoly detection, connectivity, algorithms, meeting regulatory compliance FDA-compliant Vitals-in-a-Watch
Falcon PCB, firmware and apps: Biosensors, ECG, PPG with HR, SpO2 & BP, mic & speaker for half-duplex audio, skin temperature, accelerometer, BT, NFC, all packaged in a standalone rechargeable device Nurse’s station comes to the home with telemonitoring for telemedicine
Hermes2 Upgrade wireless connectivity, optimize PCB for size and current delivery, hardware, firmware, FCC compliance, SAR, FDA support, BT SIG compliance Customer project for external electro-stimulator for pain relief
Relic push notifications for third-party Android application connected via Bluetooth to customer hardware with SiLabs BT module Customer project for support of implanted nerve stimulator
ThermoTracer wearable with temperature monitoring, location tracking using multiple receivers, using location history to trace contacts Covid contact tracing with fever detection
millionbeats ECG data analysis starting from uploaded paper ECG, classification by rythm, reinforced by clinical experts online ECG analysis
OvaTime / Oviia track and analyze woman’s basal body temperature to estimate ovulation window fertility monitor the natural way
ThermaPatch accurate temperature sensing, wireless connectivity, patch form factor, battery life in months, hypoallergenic adhesive pediatric temperature monitoring with panic alerts

At iMicroMed, we excelled in projects related to the design and development of the hardware and software for wearables, including algorithms and assessment of intellectual property.


  • Signal processing for freature extraction
  • Machine learning for fine-tuning to individual users
  • Edge-based inference
  • Training on cloud and even on the edge for privacy


  • mechanical design using Fusion360
  • schematic capture and PCB design using Altium Designer

Software executed in firmware, smartphone apps and cloud functions:

  • sensing & biosensing
  • signal processing & feature extraction
  • connectivity
  • data aggregation & machine learning
  • triggering & notifications