Project: Falcon

Unique Selling Proposition: Nurse’s station comes to the home with telemonitoring for telemedicine

Why do it: We all know people and situations where it is difficult to get the patient to a physician at the appropriate time. That is the genesis of services that offer affordable, 24/7/365 access to quality medical care through the convenience of phone or video consults. But, to be realistic, these are nothing more than glorified video calls. To this, we add compelling value by bringing the nurse’s station to the patient by measuring the vitals that a nurse measures and more.

Our contribution: In this project, we did the following:

  • features
    • identified key vitals to be HR, SpO2, ECG, body temperature, blood pressure
    • identified key supporting features to be voice control and understanding
    • identified additional features to be detecting skin color, device movement, brightness detection
    • rechargeable
    • secure and private
  • hardware
    • defined the industrial design
    • designed the electromechanical parts in Fusion360
    • capture the schematics and laid out the PCB in Altium designer
    • sourced some components like a transparent window for PPG prudently
    • designed a PCB with biosensors, accelerometer, mic, speaker, temperature sensor, BT/Wifi/NFC module, antennas, CPU
  • software
    • designed and coded firmware to handle data acquisition, feature extraction, batching, aggregation, triggering
    • designed apps on iOS and Android to communicate and control the hardware
    • report formatting, encryption and reporting to physicians
Falcon PCB Top Falcon PCB Btm Testing audio in Falcon
Falcon PCB Top Falcon PCB Btm Testing audio in Falcon