Project: OvaTime

Unique Selling Proposition: Fertility monitor for women

Why do it: A woman’s fertility cycle can be correlated to her basal body temperature. But basal body temperature is difficult to measure as it occurs at the body’s lowest temperature usually between 2am-4am for most people at most times. Therefore the need for a monitor that does it non-intrusively. Added to that, such a device has to be able to detect and adjust for fevers. When done correctly, a spike in the basal body temperature will indicate an impending fertility cycle. When acted upon, it can save couples significant time and potentially a notable amount of money in getting pregnant.

Our contribution: ID, all hardware, firmware, apps and adhesives.

Why we did not productize this project: It was a case of opportunity cost. We met algorithm performance but we hit a wall in marketing the product. At that time, we found better opportunities.

If you are an organization with a good distribution channel and can take on the risk of winning customers, we are willing to work with you in a win-win relationship.

OvaTime wearable working prototype OvaTime app
OvaTime wearable working prototype OvaTime app