Project: ThermoTracer

Unique Selling Proposition: Covid contact tracing with fever detection

Why do it: In 2020, as the world was considering going back to work during the middle of the Covid pandemic, we proposed a solution that would not only monitor every person in the workplace but also use the location of the person in the office to execute contact tracing. We leveraged our Thermapatch product coupled with location tracking using Bluetooth receivers. We started initially using RSSI-triangulation and then advanced to AoA using Bluetooth 5.1. Location was used to build the movements of people that came in contact with an infected person.

Our contribution: AoA-based location tracking, contact tracing of people who came in contact with an infected person

Why we did not productize this project: This project received acceptance by the NSF Seedfund. We met algorithm performance yet, we decided not to pursue it. We hit a wall in marketing the product with COOs and we realized that the Covid opportunity was a short-term window.

We are open to licensing the technology to anyone interested in combining an individual feature with a location in a well-defined space like a warehouse or hospital. We also see millitary applications for this technology.