To recover from CoViD-19, at some point, people will have to go back to work. At that point, to prevent a local outbreak, businesses will have to measure the body temperature of their employees to monitor them for infections. Companies such as Walmart and Amazon are doing this every morning to their warehouse employees already. Yet, that is insufficient because some employees are showing fever later in the day and are going about unchecked during the day. A continuous monitoring solution is therefore necessary to control CoViD-19, and this solution must be applied for 15 days at the very least, more likely 2-3 months.

There are a few continuous temperature monitoring devices in the market and a well-known such device is one that we will call Product Q. Product Q continuously monitors the body temperature of the user wearing it for 48 hours. The monitoring period of 2 days is grossly inadequate for a business’ recovery from CoViD-19.

iMicroMed offers TempTru, a wearable device that has been shown to monitor continuously the body temperature of the wearer for a period of 15 days at least, which can be increased to up to 6 months by turning off the device when not in use. The accuracy has been shown to meet FDA guidelines for a thermometer. It uses materials and adhesives that are biocompatible. It is the most effective solution for temperature monitoring of employees that are coming back to work.

TempTru technology is tested to work fine. But iMicroMed is a startup that does not have the funds or the specific expertise needed for large-scale commercialization. So, today, considering the urgency with CoViD-19, we have decided to license TempTru to medical device companies to take this product to commercialization.

What is included:
• Electrical Hardware Gerber files (components, layout)
• (Optional) Mechanical CAD files for (a) foam housing (b) TPU housing
• Embedded firmware (C code on Keil uVision toolchain)
• iOS/Android/Linux App (source code on appropriate toolchains)
• Cloud backend software (Firebase functions)
• (Optional) CAD files for adhesive strips